Water Handling Policies
In compliance with the requirements set forth by legislation and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Top Gun Pressure Washing ensures that our wastes are disposed of properly and have always taken account of our impact in the environment.

Wash Water Containment and Handling Policy

Site Plan
All wash sites will have a site specific detailed map and plan drafted. These documents will contain: location of all storm drains and water flow direction. Each lot will have a wash sequence specifically designed to maximize the amount of water recovered efficiently.

Top Gun Pressure Washing uses the highest standards when it comes to protecting the environment including:

Custom fit drain inserts
We developed custom fit drain covers to seal off all grates, catch basins, and collection basins.
Storm Drain mats
On flat surfaces, we deploy a magnetic lined rubber mat that seals tightly around the edges. We add a secondary level of protection by adding a plumbers balloon and/or plug as a secondary means on insurance.
Wash water containment booms
We only use the industry's best technology and suppliers when it comes to selecting our water containment berms. We use a combination of water barriers, and/or non-permeable physical barriers for water channel containment.
Wash water recovery procedure
• All storm drains in the wash area are covered and/or sealed and protected using one, or a combination of, the above methods.
• All storm water drains or basins are protected before any wash activities are started.
• Wash water vacuum and/or pumps are started before wash activates are initiated.
• Suction devices are placed at collection points to intercept water runoff.

Before moving to the next wash area, wash water runoff is allowed to completely drain into the interception area, where it is then vacuumed up leaving no water or residue that could potentially wash into storm drains later if natural precipitation occurs.

Vacuum Recovery Unit and Recycle System

Wash water is vacuumed or pumped into a 5 stage separation system.

Stage 1: Settling tank
Water first enters a settling tank where the first round of separation occurs. All big debris and particles such as cigarette butts and leaves settle into this container. After washing is complete material is removed and disposed of per the guidelines of the EPA.
Stage 2: Large particulate grates
Grate filter water is passed over various sections of trays and grates. This stage separates out larger particles like sand and gravel.
Stage 3: Oil separation
Water passes through an oil skimming process that uses electricity to attract oil molecules for collection. Secondary chamber contains oil absorbing pads to collect any remaining oil.
Stage 4: Coalescing filter
Water is forced through a series of 20 micron filters that collect particles larger than 20 microns.
Stage 5 Polishing filters
Water passes through two polishing filters that filter the water and remove the suspended solids from 10 and 5 microns. After this the water is ready for 1 of 3 options:
• The first option is to reuse for wash water.
• The second is to discharge into our holding tanks for site removal and proper disposal.
• The third and final option is to discharge into sanitary sewer.

As needed our containment and collection system is cleaned, the sludge is dried out and then processed through the proper disposal channels. Wash water is periodically tested (upon request) to ensure we uphold the standards defined by the governing bodies that have issued Top Gun Pressure Washing Inc. permits.

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Spill Response Plan

In the event of a chemical or breech to the water containment system occurs:
1. Cease all washing or water related activities immediately.
2. Make all possible efforts to safely contain a spill, and keep water or chemicals from entering storm drain.
3. Call supervisor.
4. Use secondary vacuum or hand pump to remove any water or chemical.
5. Call Oregon Emergency Response System 1-800-452-0311.
6. Reference MSDS of materials in question. Call Manufacturer for additional information for handling the spill. MSDS sheets onboard the truck will always contain a 24 hour number for all chemicals carried for washing processes.

Emergency Numbers

1. OERS: Oregon Emergency Response System: 1-800-452-0311
2. Operations Manager: Dustin Kirkpatrick 1-541-915-9450
3. Co- President: Nic Nelson 1-503-550-0593
4. K.O Manufacturing : 417-866-8000
5. Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

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