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Pressure Washing - Service Detail

Top Gun Pressure Washing uses a two-step process of chemical pressure washing, hand washing, or a combination thereof for multiple form factors of vehicles. We have implementation and use of best practices in fleet cleaning and maintenance. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of bio degradable fleet cleaning agents when required, as well as all applicable water conservation, reclamation and disposal techniques.

Our cleaning process uses environmentally friendly, non-phosphate, biodegradable soaps and cleaners. All of our soaps are compatible with our water reclamation systems and are tested to be environmentally safe. We use Landa steam washers, largo 2-step cold water 3000 psi machines, and MTM 2000, 6gpm rinse machines. Our brushes are synthetic, soft, non-scratch truck wash and tank brushes. Our water reclamation systems have elements manufactured by Landa, Vaccu boom, Water maze, Oil Pig, and Watermeister.

We use both hot water and cold water in our washing process depending on the time of year. For weekly washing during winter, our first step is to use hot water 100-120 degrees in the cleaner application process, followed by manual agitation and cold water rinse. During the summer months we strive to conserve energy and only utilize cold water techniques.

We wax each vehicle during every wash. We add a synthetic wax additive to both our soap and our rinse water system.

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