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Truck Washing: One Step Cleaning or Two Step Acid Washing
Which Solution is Right for Your Fleet?
Posted on 7/30/2015 by Francisco Caro
There are always three factors that weigh into selecting a washing method for a fleet.

  1. Will the washing products actually get the vehicles clean?
  2. Will the wash chemicals do harm to the fleet over time?
  3. Once washing is done are the wash chemicals easy to dispose of without incurring cost, damage to the environment and be acceptable to the EPA and other regulating bodies.
In fleet cleaning most companies use a two step chemical processes that uses an acid to pre-soak, a reactive base or soap breaks the bond between the metal and the dirt releasing it from the surface, and then rinse to remove the dirt from the vehicle.
GRIT Detail - providing mobile solutions GRIT Detail - providing mobile solutions

This is effective in actually getting the vehicles clean. But over time it removes the polish from aluminum surfaces, etches glass, dulls paint and encourages rust where paint has failed.

Also, the EPA and other regulating bodies are frowning on this practice due to the environmental impact and from a disposal cost stand point it's getting expensive to mitigate all of the collateral results from this type of vehicle washing method.

At Grit Detail Solutions we have worked tedious hours to perfect a system using only very gentle soaps applied with hot water that produce rich suds to increase dwell time and deep clean any vehicle surface. This practice is highly effective in removing road film and grime, yet is safe enough to protect polished aluminum, glass, and the highest shine on painted surfaces. We also incorporate a wax that produces an attractive finish and shine for your vehicle. It also helps prevent dirt from adhering to the surface and reduces water spotting.

The soap easily filters out in our water recovery and filtration processes and is 100% biodegradable, protecting the environment and our priceless northwest watersheds.

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